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Take part in a guided excursion with your group in southern Sweden to increase your knowledge and interest in our rivers, streams and wetlands!

Discover life in the water and learn about how important these environments are for ecosystem services such as water purification, biodiversity and water resources in a changing climate!

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JOIN an excursion

Discover life in and around a wetland and river! Work with food chains, water analyses endangered species and the environmental goals. Adapted to your school’s curriculum.

Educational material

Prepare ahead of the excursion! Memory with pond animals. Water analyses. Swedish right of public access. Interactive quiz and crosswords.

Exhibition about river Råån 

Learn more about the southern Swedish river Råån, its environment and management. History of rivers and wetlands in the agricultural landscape. The Swedish Environmental Goals.

Interpretive materials

Natur i fokus creates educational resources, interpretive materials and online content. Read more!


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